Real-Time Video Proctoring

Talview Remote Proctor tool integrates itself to your existing desktop or web applications and helps you monitor real-time or recorded video remotely, capture screens, and access audit log of browser usage

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Real-Time Recording

Real time image, video & audio capturing of users actions

Face Detection

Notification on candidate absence during proctor session


In-depth analytics on user behaviour and user actions


Store and view recorded streams for upto six months


Proctor video on mobile. App available on iOS, Android

Browser Policing

Browser Navigation Check, Disable Copy/Paste Option

Invigilator Provision

Real time communication via Chat Box, Candidate Blocking

IE 8 Support

Supports webRTC & flash; works on all browsers

Local Deployment

Supports private recording in environment with limited connectivity

Configurable Alerts

Triggers notification and flags it in case of suspicious activities


Access dashboard via RESTful API; Supports private recording

Custom Events

Log and store your custom defined application events

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